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PRP Therapy Specialist

Forever Young Complete Healthcare

Integrative Medicine & Hormone Specialists located in Iselin, NJ

With age, your body doesn’t function quite as well. From skin quality decline to sexual dysfunction to joint injury vulnerability, PRP therapy at Forever Young Complete Healthcare in Iselin, New Jersey, can address your needs by itself or be added to your current wellness plan. Smita Ohri, MD, and Mudit Arora, MD, can assess your condition and determine whether or not PRP therapy can help to restore your functioning. To learn more about the injections, call the clinic or book your appointment online today.

PRP Therapy Q & A

What is PRP therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is the substance that makes highly effective PRP therapy possible to treat a multitude of conditions and ailments. Amazingly, the substance is derived from your blood. 

One type of cell found in your blood, called platelets, plays an integral role in clotting your blood to heal injuries. PRP therapy harnesses its capabilities to help your body heal itself using its own mechanisms.

During PRP therapy, your provider at Forever Young Complete Healthcare extracts your blood and places it into a spinning device called a centrifuge. After spinning for about 15 minutes, your blood separates into layers of its components. 

One of these layers contains a high concentration of platelets with plasma, the liquid growth factor-rich part of your blood, as its base. When this layer is taken and injected back into your body, it promotes and accelerates healing in that area.

What types of PRP therapy can I get?

There are several types of PRP therapy available at Forever Young Complete Healthcare. Some patients use PRP injections to restore the health and vitality of their skin, while others use it to quickly heal from injuries and reduce some of their pain in the process. 

Forever Young Complete Healthcare also offers PRP injections to restore your hair growth if your scalp is thinning or balding.

You can also get PRP therapy in conjunction with hormone injections, restoring your sexual health as you age. These types of treatment include:

O-Shot® for women

As a result of hormone loss, especially during or after menopause, you might notice a decline in your sexual health as a woman. The O-Shot is a shot of PRP that invigorates your vaginal tissues to tighten, lubricate, and become more sensitive. 

POW-Shot™ for men 

With age, men lose hormones in a process called andropause. If you’re a man and recently experienced a decline in your sexual health, the PRP-enriched POW-Shot may help. It helps give you firm, lasting erections, a small increase in length and girth, and improves your sexual performance.

PRP facial

Forever Young Complete Healthcare also uses PRP to rejuvenate your look. After your PRP is prepared, your provider may inject the healing properties into specific spots on your face or apply the PRP to your skin after microneedling, a cosmetic treatment that places microtears into the surface of your skin. A PRP facial can improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

PRP face-lift

A PRP face-lift combines PRP with dermal fillers to enhance your natural features and support your skin’s regenerative process to prolong your aesthetic treatment.

PRP breast lift

A PRP breast lift is a nonsurgical option for breast augmentation. The aesthetic treatment can improve breast size and shape and reduce sagging. 

Hair loss

Forever Young Complete Healthcare also uses PRP for hair loss. Your provider injects PRP into your scalp to help prolong the growing phase of your hair follicles and improve hair health and thickness.

Your provider at Forever Young Complete Healthcare can help you determine the aesthetic treatment best suited for you during your consultation. 

Is PRP therapy safe?

PRP is unlike any other type of injection. It is completely safe when the trained medical professionals at Forever Young Complete Healthcare administer the injections because the PRP comes from you. Your body won’t reject the PRP because it already recognizes it as a part of itself. 

If you do experience side effects, odds are that they’re from the needle alone. They may include:

  • Tissue damage
  • Nerve injury
  • Pain near the injection site

If you have concerns, your doctor can address them at your consultation. 

To find out if you can enhance your wellness with PRP therapy, call Forever Young Complete Healthcare or book your appointment online today.