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Acne is common, affecting about 85% percent of people ages 12-24 to some extent. If acne and the scars they create make you self-conscious, Smita Ohri, MD, and Mudit Arora, MD, have solutions. At Forever Young Complete Healthcare in Iselin, New Jersey, they offer numerous acne treatments to refresh your skin and give you the confidence you deserve. Call Forever Young Complete Healthcare to learn more or book an appointment online today.

Acne Treatment Q&A

What is acne? 

A common skin condition, acne often results from hair follicles getting plugged up with dead skin cells and oil. Signs and symptoms of acne include:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Pimples
  • Acne scars
  • Red, tender bumps
  • Pus-filled bumps

Acne usually occurs on your face, shoulder, chest, or upper back and is common among teenagers and young adults. But acne can happen at any age.

What causes acne? 

Acne often occurs due to hormone fluctuations, bacteria, excess oil production, or clogged hair follicles. Blackheads result from pores clogged by oil and bacteria that turn dark in color when exposed to air. Hair follicles connected to oil glands can bulge and produce whiteheads. Stress, some medications, and eating certain foods can trigger acne breakouts.

What is the treatment for acne? 

Practitioners at Forever Young Complete Healthcare review your medical history and examine your skin to establish which acne treatment best matches your unique needs. They might recommend:

Topical medications 

Your doctor may suggest using topical prescription medications to relieve acne symptoms. Examples include retinoids, antibiotics, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, or other topical applications.  

Oral medicines

Taking oral acne medicine helps fight inflammation, reduce bacteria or balance hormone fluctuations associated with acne. Your doctor lets you know which oral medication, if any, best matches your needs.


Your practitioner may inject large lesions with a steroid drug to help eliminate it and ease tenderness associated with acne.

Aesthetic treatments

Depending on your skin type, your provider might recommend one or more aesthetic treatments to reduce acne and scars it can cause. Examples include laser therapy, chemical peels, and blackhead or whitehead extraction.

Which acne treatment is right for me? 

Your doctor creates a personalized acne treatment plan based on the severity of your condition, its cause, age, preferences, and other factors. They might recommend a series of treatments to help you achieve the most desirable outcome.

Don’t let acne ruin your self-confidence and quality of life when simple medical and aesthetic solutions are within reach. Schedule an appointment with Forever Young Complete Healthcare by phone or online to experience clear skin today.