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Aerolase Laser​ Treatment


What sets Aerolase apart?  

○ Name is derived from our patented advanced technology: the air-cooled medical aesthetic laser  

○ Provides new levels of clinical versatility, practical utility and cost-effectiveness  

○ Has minimized mass, while maximizing performance and reliability  

○ Treatment typically lasts 30 minutes with no downtime  

○ Leaves with a more youthful, clear complexion 

Aerolase Facial Laser Hair Removal

  • The laser generates heat that attacks and destroys hair follicles eliminating further hair growth. 

  • A series of treatments is required, spaced 4-5 weeks apart  

  • At least 4-5 treatments are recommended   

  • The hair must be in the anagen (growing) stage of active hair growth with the hair located close to the skin surface to be treatable

Aerolase Facial Laser Skin Rejuvenation

  • Scar and Stretch Mark Revision

    •  The laser targets redness and stimulate collagen production causing a clear, tightened result  

  • Laser Resurfacing 

    • Used to target and deep heat the dermal layer, stimulating collagen and elastin production  

    • Helps firm healthy skin, get rid of any red or brown spots  

      • Pore size decreases   

    • Helps fill in wrinkles   

    • Best candidates for skin rejuvenation are patients aged 30-55  

      • Showing initial signs of aging such as fine lines, minor wrinkles, sun damage and vessels  

      • Signs of reduced skin laxity 


Acne- NeoClear (Face and Back)

  • Dead skin cells and excess sebum causes pores to become blocked. AP acnes bacteria build-up in sebum causes  infection and inflammation, resulting in acne    

  • excites P. acnes-produced porphyrins to produce singlet oxygen  

  • Deep-heating, high laser power heats up the sebaceous glands, thus reducing their size and suppression output  of sebum  

    • The pore unblocks, the sebaceous gland shrinks, and sebum output is reduced


  • Melasma, Age Spots, Sun Spots, Birthmarks & Freckles  

    • Age spots are collections of a pigment called melanin that accumulates in the epidermis  

    • Spots can increase with age and increased sun exposure  

    • Laser light is absorbed into the pigmentation which breaks up and dissolves  

    • Specifically set to absorb melanin breaking unwanted pigmentation which causes an uneven complexion  

  • Rosacea Accumulates  

    • Laser heat destroys feeder vessels and capillaries causing the redded area

Angiomas, Spider Veins, and Vessels (Face and Legs)

  • Angiomas 

    • Angioma is the common name for small, red bumps on the skin that are usually circular and raised  

    • The lasers generate and destroy the blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin

  • Spider Veins and Vessels  

    • The laser transmits photons that are absorbed by the blood cells in the veins, which generates heat that destroys the blood vessel. The damaged vein shrinks and eventually dissolves over time 

    • The laser heat is attracted to the hemoglobin found in the vessels and veins, clots off the blood flow and eliminates the area 

The Aerolase Laser Skin Rejuvenation procedure is most popular at Forever Young, This procedure will help you finally achieve your dream skin. The Aerolase Neo is a revolutionary anti-aging laser that is significantly different from most lasers. It is virtually pain-free while working safely for all skin types and ethnicities. After one consultation with our physicians, you’ll be amazed at how many issues the Aerolase laser can improve on.



*Medical Grade Skincare

Skincare products with pharmaceutical grade ingredients usually not available outside a skin clinic. The more potent active compounds, better molecular size, pH and formulation ensure penetration into the deeper layers of skin for a more effective result. These products are suggested based on patient’s skin type and analysis after a full skin consultation.

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