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About Us


Forever Young Health Care specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, Weight Loss, Micro-needling, O shot, P shot. Behavioral health, Vampire Lift, Facial Fillers, Laser, Skincare,  Hair Removal Eyebrow Enhancement, and Much Much More.  

Forever Young Specialists are passionate and caring and treat everything that comes their way with the same amount of compassion.  

Our goal is for everyone to leave, healthier, happier, and satisfied with their results.


The Experts


Dr. Smita Ohri

Our Founder & Owner

Dr. Ohri has completed two residencies in Family Medicine and OB/GYN.  She has held various Leadership positions in several hospitals all over the world in the span of twenty years.  

She has acted as a mentor, educator, and medical director in addition to clinical practice.

She has advanced training in Anti-Aging Aesthetics and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Ohri believes in forming a true partnership with her patients and compassionately works alongside them to achieve whole-body wellness, specializing in bio-identical hormone therapy for both men and women, regenerative medicine, and other treatments that make aging easier.

Dr. Smita Ohri
Dr. Mudit Arora

Dr. Mudit Arora

Our Medical Director

Dr. Mudit Arora is the Medical Director of Forever Young Complete Healthcare & Body LogicMD. 

He is board-certified in Internal Medicine with advanced training in Anti-Aging, Aesthetics, as well as Functional Medicine. 

Dr. Arora has a classically effective philosophy when it comes to patient wellness: "Optimizing your health is perfecting your life's potential - in happiness, beauty, and longevity."

He used an innovative, multifaceted approach in treating the underlying causes of illness, dysfunction, aging, and hormone imbalance for both sexes.

Dr. Arora works closely with his patients to improve their vitality, visible appearance, and also their internal health on a molecular level.

Dr. Arora is fondly called the Anti Aging Doctor by our patients and our office staff alike.




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Dr. Sanya Arora

Dr. Sanya Arora

Chief Marketing Officer & Aesthetics Manager

Dr. Sanya Arora is the Skin Care Expert of Forever Young Complete Healthcare & Body LogicMD. 


Her unique experience makes her incredibly valuable to the Forever Young Complete Healthcare family.  Her clients praise her ability to make them feel at home, understand their various skincare needs, and further help them to feel comfortable in their natural skin.


Sanya believes in helping her patients emotionally transition from problems to solutions.  She has incredible before and after photos to show the phenomenal transitions that clients face with her expertise and advice.


She is active with her female empowerment on social media and is breaking boundaries and creating positivity in all things. 


Sanya knows what truly drives conversation and excellent customer experience.  Through true understanding and reliability.


Although she wears many hats, her favorite is the one that makes her feel Forever Young!





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75 Lincoln Hwy, 

Suite #304

Iselin, NJ 08830

Phone: (908) 300-7227


Mon-Fri: 10am - 5:30pm

Sat: 11am - 4pm


Sun: Closed

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